As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Adtaxi I help build and implement digital marketing campaigns for clients across programmatic, social, search, video, and native. If you are looking to take your digital marketing to the next level and utilize machine learning I invite you into the Adtaxi approach.


Adtaxi brings clarity to the chaos of digital marketing.  By taking an omnichannel approach, we work with you to build a holistic strategy across a media mix that will be most effective - ensuring a focus on maximizing your ROAS and turning prospects into customers.



We leverage a variety of prospecting and retargeting techniques to narrow in those individuals most responsive to your message and with the highest probability of converting.

Pinpoint Your Audience


We identify which digital marketing channels are best positioned to reach your ideal audience on an individualized basis throughout their decision-making process.

Align Your Consumer Journey


We analyze how each marketing channel contributes to your campaign success and dynamically shift budget between channels to drive the most value overall.

Optimize Across Digital Channels


Our proprietary Quantum™ optimization platform leverages the power of machine learning. This all-new innovative algorithm drives omnichannel optimizations across channels to maximize performance and deliver superior value for advertisers.

Guided by your goals, we recommend the mix of platforms that will work together to be most effective. Platforms include Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Native Advertising, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing.


See what we can do for you.

Our unique approach and proprietary technology lead to powerful solutions that address your goals.

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