Digtal Marketing News Recapped August 15, 2018

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Facebook Wants Brands to Take Still Images and ‘Create to Convert’ Them to Video Ads

"Facebook Tuesday unveiled a new way for direct-response advertisers to transform their existing still ads into lightweight video ads.

Developed by the social network’s Creative Shop, Create to Convert was described in a blog post as “an easy framework to add lightweight motion to still images to create more compelling and effective direct-response ads.”

Facebook said the number of advertisers incorporating video into their direct-response campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network has increased by 3.8 times over the past year.

The social network also detailed four different types of ads that can be crafted via Create to Convert"

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30 Very Important YouTube SEO Statistics

"Video is huge in digital marketing, and YouTube is the world's leading video platform. And while Facebook is working to boost its video efforts, people are still more likely to turn to YouTube for the same - and as such, it makes sense to build a presence on YouTube, and use it to maximize your brand awareness.

But like all platforms, YouTube requires unique focus. The best practices for YouTube video won't necessarily be the same as they are on Facebook or any other platform, and this is particularly true in regards to discovery and how people come to your YouTube video content.

To help with this element, the team at Blogkens have put together this infographic which provides an overview of key YouTube ranking signals and tips."

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The Top 10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

"Is your business website failing to generate sales and inquiries? Wondering why so many visitors leave without getting in touch?

Enfuzed share the top 10 reasons people leave websites in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Slow loading

  • Too many ads

  • Pop-ups and modals

  • Video/sound auto plays

  • Poor design/usability

  • Redirects

  • Poor content/content layout

  • Outdated

  • Not mobile-friendly

  • No contact/about pages

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