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Real networking is about finding ways to make other people more successful.  Connecting is a constant process of giving and receiving, asking for and offering to help. I’ve come across a sustainable solution to a problem many social marketing strategies face, and I’d like to share it with you.

Have you created a Facebook campaign and had it reset when making changes, losing any auto-optimization of your program, causing a negative impact on the effectiveness? Or how about the need for deeper insights, beyond URL conversions, likes, engaged visits and site visits?

Those are a couple of REAL problems and gaps I hear all the time. I am truly blessed to be able to work and partner with some amazing people that have created an optimization tool, that not only helps my brand partners, but that is also available as a platform for my industry friends to use as a resource for their clients.

With that being said…..I am excited to announced that Adtaxi was named a Facebook Marketing Partner, an honor earned by a select group of companies recognized for their solid track record of success driving exceptional results from Facebook campaigns. The Partner Badge was secured with Adtaxi for the proprietary optimization platform, Magellan, which was created to help advertisers drive conversion and lower the cost of those conversions over time.

Check out 4 Differences with Adtaxi Social Magellan

The Adtaxi Social Magellan difference #1

Magellan for Social allows for conversion tracking beyond URL conversions, likes, engaged visits, site visits, and button click web conversions.

Why you should care: Better conversion types provide better insights to a potential customer’s path to purchase, or your primary KPI, such as completed contact page, get directions/location page, set an appointment, newsletter signup, video view, completed ecommerce transaction. Additionally, not all websites are setup to accommodate standard URL conversion tracking, so Adtaxi covers this shortfall, plus more insights through Magellan.  

The Adtaxi Social Magellan difference #2

Allows for optimizations to be made without impacting Facebook’s auto-optimization features for campaign objective and creatives.

Why you should care: Adtaxi minimizes the negative impact to Facebook’s auto-optimization capabilities that mid-flight optimizations can cause. The Magellan optimization technology does not impact Facebook’s auto-optimization. Facebook resets campaign, losing any auto-optimization of your program, thus negatively impacting effectiveness. Magellan optimization works outside of the FB platform to then leverage dual optimization: Facebook and Adtaxi’s proprietary platform.

The Adtaxi Social Magellan difference #3

Allows optimization to metrics beyond Facebook's capabilities.

Why you should care:  Metrics like video views to 100% completion and ROI are extremely valuable metrics, and being able to optimize towards these types of metrics helps a campaign achieve maximum performance for the metrics that matter most.  FB counts any play, even those that auto-start.  Adtaxi only counts completed videos.  

The Adtaxi Social Magellan difference #4

Allows for efficient, budget-friendly delivery of campaigns over time. Adtaxi is able to apply Magellan’s insights about audiences to enhance existing campaigns and launch new campaigns that are more effective and efficient.

Why you should care:  Magellan lends its power to audience insights as well.  By understanding the audience that converts, Adtaxi is able to more effectively enhance current programs and launch new campaigns, increasing your revenue and saving you dollars.

If you are interested in learning more about how Adtaxi, Magellan can help or to see if it would be a good fit, let’s connect.

Learn more about me and Adtaxi here: http://pd.lnkd.in/71oyejg

Facebook Partner Profile: https://facebookmarketingpartners.com/marketing-partners/adtaxi/

Adtaxi Blog Post: http://www.adtaxi.com/2017/08/23/adtaxi-named-facebook-marketing-partner/

Magellan for Facebook Case Study: https://facebookmarketingpartners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Social-Racetrack-Case-Study.pdf

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