Finding Purpose

Loving on the little humans of Tijuana Mexico

Happy #WOWednesday! Each Wednesday I usually like to highlight an organization or person that is a world changer! Those that strive to make a difference, impact lives for the better, bring safety, joy, and opportunity to another life. Today, I want to highlight one of the organizations I am part of and tell you how they helped me find my purpose and heart for giving, and what that looks like for me now.

About 3 years ago, I went on my very first mission trip to Tijuana Mexico with my husband through an organization called Club Dust. They build safe, decent homes for families based on the specific priorities including, families with a handicapped kid, either mentally or physically, and single or dual parent families with lots of little kids. Club Dust also distributes 5,000lbs of food and other necessities through their donation station on the trip. I’ve always felt gratitude when helping others and had the desire to bring value to those around me, so I was intrigued to help in the donations area because it created an environment for me to connect with the people I was helping on a personal level.

On this trip, we set up a donation station consisting of mainly clothes, shoes and food. We had very little children's clothes and absolutely no infant clothes and the family in this picture came into the donation station and I thought to myself, I have nothing to give this sweet little baby. I went back to the pile of clothes, digging for something, anything I could give them for their baby. From the look on their faces they knew I wasn't finding anything. After minutes of digging and about to give up I found this little beanie and turned around to see smiles of joy on all their faces. Over the last few years this I’ve realized this moment created monument in my life. (Thanks to my husband for capturing the picture!) There is no greater feeling than helping another human being. I am very thankful to have experienced this so deeply in my heart and to have the opportunity to develop this into other areas of my life. I have found my purpose in helping, inspiring and being a resource to others.

Everyone has different interests and things they are passionate about. I am absolutely fascinated with digital marketing and I love the ability to use creative strategy to solve problems and accomplish goals. I use my purpose in my business by helping others in the space I am passionate about. I love to learn about the purpose behind a business and partner with like-minded people. 

Not everyone has found their purpose, and that's ok, keep searching. When you are thinking about what your purpose is, think about what gives you that feel good feeling and dig deeper in that thought. Want to take it a step further? Look for ways to implement your purpose into your life or work. Once you find it, Rock it.

What’s your purpose? I’d love to hear it!

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