Increase Social Engagement with Questions

Social engagement is something brands and personal brands strive for and the ever changing algorithms don't always make it easy for us marketers. I did some research and pulled some sites together that have some pretty god questions. Check them out! Open ended, close ended, multiple choice...they all have a place and I encourage you to test them all out!

150 Questions

What are you most thankful for today?

What is the favorite piece of technology that you own?

What are the three most used apps on your phone?

What is the most useful app on your phone? Share your favorite thing about this app.

What are two things that happened this week that you’re grateful for?

And if you want to get techie with your research Post Planner shares some good content.

- Research out Niche

- Research Which Questions Your Customers Type in Google

- See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Ask your customers to define your brand identity

Make your customers feel part of your brand by letting them choose your logos, mascots, conference gifts, etc. This will foster a stronger feeling of community among your customers.

Other types of questions to play with

Ask true or false questions

Ask "fill-in the blank" questions

To lighten things up: Ask humorous and funny questions

Another cool idea is to ask questions as a live event is happening. Medium does a great job of wrapping up some real time marketing ideas and questions:

  • Who will win — The Giants or Dodgers?

  • What do you think about [latest events]?

  • Have you seen this new episode of [TV-series]?

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