My Giving Story

What does it mean to show generosity? Generosity is to be open-handed, kind spirited and giving, but most importantly I feel authentic generosity does not expect anything in return. Here is My Giving Story. 

Over the last few years, our family has collected baby and children’s clothes to bring with us down to Mexico with the Club Dust Organization that builds homes for those less fortunate. Last year it was too risky to bring a truck full of donations so we were unable to continue. However, this prompted me to find a way to move this program into our community. So, I created Shine Social, an organization to be a light to others and inspire positive social impact in Santa Cruz County. 

Our first project is to provide new and lightly used clothing to children in need. On December 6, 2017, we will bring all donations to an elementary school in a rural area for our very first Donation Distribution Event. We will set up tables with bins of clothes by size and gender and hand distribute them to children and families in need. Many of the children that attend this school lack essential clothing to stay warm through the winter months. Through this event, we hope to make a positive social impact on the children and families.

There are three aspects of this program that are important to me. 

First, is for us to be a light to others through pure generosity and to inspire positive social impact in Santa Cruz.

Second, offering people in our community the opportunity to serve by donating new and lightly-used children's clothes to create a feeling of service and gratitude by knowing their donations will be hand delivered to their new grateful owners.

Third, providing those that would like to help at events the opportunity to experience a personal connection by directly handing over the donations to the children/families. Great self-gratification is felt by giving from one hand to another in pure generosity. 

We are excited about our first event and hope this is the beginning of something great that will continue to have a positive social impact on our community for years to come.  


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