Quick Tips using Psychology and Technology in Social Media Marketing

One of the key demands of every business today is having an exceptional social media presence.  

According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media, but 85% aren’t sure which social media tools are the best to use.

A key demand of every business is having exceptional social media presence. Over the years, I’ve found businesses diving into social media marketing and missing a very important step.  Whether you are C2B or B2B, you are still providing a product or service to a human, and applying the psychology behind how humans think will help you develop a more personal strategy to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

In the article, “Boost Facebook Engagement With These 3 Psychology Principles,” written by Wade Harman, on Entreprenuer.com he talks about how to utilize psychology for business.

First, the  K.I.S.S Principle which is keeping it simple stupid. The simpler you can market your brand, product, or service the more engagement you will have. When looking at cognitive fluency, which is the experience of the ease or difficulty of completing a mental task, people prefer things that are easier to think about.

The second principle Wade discusses is the law of similarity. People like things they can relate with and this psychological principle creates the opportunity for your audience to gain trust with your brand.  

Lastly is the psychology of the string. When you push a string across the table, it gets all bunched up, but when you pull it across the table, it’s a smooth straight line. Pull your audience in, don’t push them. I feel this principle ties it all together. People want to be lead, not told what to do, and it’s your brands job to lead them into becoming a customer through a strategy that is engaging, personable, builds trust, and relates to them.

Now that the psychological component is on the table, having access to the latest innovative technology is a significant advantage and should be your next step.  

For example, Social Magellan, an exclusive Adtaxi solution, is an algorithmic optimization process built on top of Facebook’s platform to power performance-based campaigns.

In the Adtaxi’s Social Media White Paper, the benefits of utilizing this technology is described:

Magellan evaluates the price and performance of each impression against the metric that matters most, and adjusts budgets accordingly to maximize conversions for the budget.

Typically, social media advertising key performance indicators (KPIs) focus on engagement, conversions, reach, and garnering leads. Magellan algorithms allow you to prioritize optimization based on the ultimate campaign KPI goals. This type of advanced technology is a game changer for defining social media campaign success.

If you want the full white paper shoot me an email at jpierini@adtaxi.com

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