Social Media Gets Conversational

Social media has become a part of life. It’s a way for people to connect, collaborate, and share basically everything about anything. As a brand, business or entrepreneur it's time to get conversational on social media...but, what are the benefits and how do we do that?

To get us started I googled, “Social media gets conversational,” and here was the top result:

“A two-conversation is a dialogue, where brands speak and listen to their audience, responding directly to their wants and needs. When you're posting on social media, remember that 80% of your posts should be adding value and brand building, in other words, not promoting your product or service, but helping.”

While I agree, this content is from 2017. Nice SEO work, btw. So let’s throw in 2019 to my search. In this article it talks about some benefits of getting conversational on social.

  • Increases Brand Awareness

  • Generates Social Proof

  • Provides Customer Support

  • Can Reduces You Advertising Costs

I’m going to add a 5th benefit which is humanizing your brand. Behind every brand is a person or people and people relate more to people versus a company or technology, well, most people anyways.

Now that we know some of the benefits of conversations on social, let’s look at HOW TO implement getting conversational on social.

  • Asking and answering consumer questions

  • Creating and posting engaging subject matter

  • Having a quick response time of 24-48 hours

A few other tips I’d like to add would be posting motivational quotes or funnies if it fits with your brand voice. Connecting a positive emotional experience with your brand is always a good things.

Also, check those post analytics to see what’s getting a lot of shares/comments, create more like that and don’t be afraid to repost the same post or similar post. Before I highjack my own blog post and go off on a tangent, let's stay on topic.

The overall goal is to develop a more personal relationship with your customers and followers. Utilize effective listening by uncovering what people are saying about your brand and the competition is key.

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