Tuesday Tips Recapped: Effective FB Targeting, Get more ROI from Instagram, Influencer Tools

Weekly business tips recapped covers 3 topics from online publications in under 3 minutes. Each article title includes the link to the full article on the published site so you can dig into any topic of interest.

This weeks topics:

1. Effective Facebook Ad Targeting

2. Get more ROI from your Instagram Campaign

3. 4 Influencer Tools

5 Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Options Which You May Not Know About

Shared Via Social Media Today

I LOVE social media marketing. There is so much you can do with it through the purchasing funnel for ecommerce brands and businesses. Here are 5 targeting options from Social Media Today. Along with these I like to utilize the Quantum Optimization Technology that optimizes to onsite conversions, such as purchases, shopping cart visits, or product display pages.

  1. Retarget Website Visitors

  2. Narrow Target Audiences

  3. Target Previous Customers with New Offers

  4. Lookalike Audiences

  5. Target Facebook Page Likes

Read about these targeting options on Social Media Today

3 Ways to Immediately Get More ROI From Your Instagram Marketing

Shared Via Entrepreneur.com

Well that’s a catchy title. Let’s dig into What Entrepreneur has to to say to “Immediately get more ROI”

  1. Remarket in a new way and get more followers. ---- I like it and I’ve used it, and found it effective. You are remarketing the audience that has engaged with your post, whether that be via like, comment, click, share, or purchase. You are adding more user to your funnel that are aware of your brand, and that is a good thing.

  2. Track every influencer marketing post. ---- For simple tracking add "/?src= to the end of the click through link and the influencer name: example www.yourwebsite.com/?src=influencername

  3. Optimize your funnels with custom audiences. ---- The more personalized the message the better ROI you are going to have. Building your strategy based on where they are at in the funnel.

Learn more about each tip from entrepreneur.com

4 Influencer Tools to Find and Vet YouTube Influencers

Shared via Social Media Examiner

You want to identify the right influencer through reach, relevance and engagement. Social Media Examiner shares these 4 tools to help vet YouTube Influencers.

  1. Scrunch

  2. FameBit

  3. Mention

  4. Influicity

Learn more about these 4 tools from Social Media Examiner

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