Weekly News Recapped: 5 Articles in 5 minutes - July 13, 2018

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This week focuses on how to drive ecommerce sales, using SnapChat for back to school marketing, ROI for great web design, Amazon new Wardrobe Offer, and Instagram Shopping and Collection for Stories

Sparking Social Media Buzz Is How You Drive Ecommerce Sales

Shared via Entrepreneur.com

This article is a great read for ecomm brands. Lot's of obstacles stand in the way for brands these day, such as price competition, to many options, and forming bonds with brands that have strong brand awareness. This article covers how to get past those obstacles. Increase trust and familiarity, Increase sales on your website, Garner genuine feedback about your products and services, and Connect with your potential audience on a more personal level.

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Snapchat Releases Tips on How to Use the Platform for Back to School Marketing

Shared via Social Media Today

If you’re looking to maximize your back to school marketing opportunities, Snap may be the app for you.

“As 60% of Back to School shoppers will begin shopping before August, and 96% of Gen Z parents say their teens influence family spending, now’s the time to promote your products and reach shoppers ready to buy.”

In this article you'll find ways to make best use of the app for your back to school marketing.

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The ROI of Great Web Design [Infographic]

Shared via Social Media Today

Who does't love a good info graph. If you're in the process of creating or redisinging you website this infography has some great ideas of what to focus on.

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Amazon Flings Opens Prime Wardrobe Doors

Shared via Ecommerce Times

Is there anything Amazon isn't trying to get a piece of? Now you can have Amazon ship you clothes, try them for 7 days, like them and keep them or send them back if you don't.

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Instagram expands Collection ads & Shopping Bag icon for Stories to all brands

Shared via Marketing Land

Instagram is expanding its ad offerings to more advertisers. The Facebook-owned app is opening its Collection ad units to everyone starting today and says all e-commerce brands will be able to add the Shopping Bag icon within their Stories for the holiday season.

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