Online Analysis and 30 min Consultation Call 

Get to know me while I give you some digital marketing tips. Let's strategize together!

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Marketing Consultant


The monthly membership allows you to partner and collaborate with me on a more regular basis.

For example, scheduling monthly strategy meetings to discuss your specific needs or challenges, develop customer personas, develop brand identify, define goals, increase conversion rate, paid media placements, inbound marketing tactics, and more!

Analysis & Strategy Services

Website Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Organic Search Analysis

Google Analytics Analysis

Ecommerce Analysis

Marketing Strategy Development

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ecommqueen membership includes 

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Workshops, Team Trainings, Small Groups, Strategy Sessions

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Workshops: Focuses on a specific topic in Digital Marketing to get kickstart your knowledge or project.


Team Trainings: For teams that are dedicated to helping a business grow that are looking for a trainings to get ahead on digital marketing


Small Groups: If you've got a group of business friends with similar challenges or knowledge gaps in digital marketing the small group engagement will offer an intimate environment where we can dig into your unique challenges and put together an action plan.


Strategy Sessions: If you don’t have a digital marketing program and you’re not sure where to start or your strategy is unorganized, some good ol' fashion strategy sessions will help you define your strategy to create an effective program.


While I offer my own group setting engagements I am also available for guest engagements with other marketing businesses. I love collaboration!

Professional Development / Mentoring & Coaching

Whether you are a college graduate, entrepreneur, or marketing professional at a business that wants to develop your knowledge and skills in the digital marketing space I'm offering weekly sessions with your first 30 minute session FREE.

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